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VPNs Used Primarily to Access Geo-Restricted Content

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VPNs Used Primarily to Access Geo-Restricted Content

The latest worldwide VPN usage report by GlobalWebIndex identifies accessing geo-restricted entertainment content as still the #1 motivation for VPN users. While preserving anonymity is important for North American VPN users, access to better entertainment or to content unavailable in their home territory drives VPN usage in all other regions. With 49% using VPNs mainly to bypass geo-restrictions on content, this remains a huge issue for studios and rightsholders who rely on territory-based licensing to fund their productions.

GeoGuard protects premium content for many of the world’s largest studios, broadcasters and sports leagues and is integrated with Akamai’s CDN for easy implementation. For more information on how you can protect your content from geo-location fraud, contact us at solutions@geoguard.com



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