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Compatible with 275+ browser types, 95
400+ spoofing methods scanned in each transaction, 100
Over 100,000 unique fraudulent users blocked every month, 85

At GeoGuard, we focus solely on geolocation-based security, location fraud detection and the protection of digital content. As the independently-rated market leader for VPN and Proxy detection, we help a wide range of industries (streaming video broadcasters, content rightsholders, banks and payment processors, cryptocurrency exchanges, etc.) guard against geo-piracy and location-based fraud. GeoGuard provides a suite of geo-filtering and fraud detection solutions, combined with human intelligence, to stop internet users from spoofing their location.

GeoGuard’s solutions are based on the award-winning geolocation compliance and geo-protection technologies that its parent company GeoComply developed for the highly-regulated and complex digital gaming industry. Our software is installed in over 300 million devices worldwide, putting GeoGuard in a uniquely powerful position to identify and counter both the current and newly emerging geolocation fraud threats.

With GeoGuard, fraud has no place to hide.


With one in four internet users around the globe using VPNs on a daily basis, the need for detecting location fraud is compulsory to ensure proper identification.  Whether for complex regulatory compliance or product marketing needs, GeoGuard’s spoofing detection has over 1600 checks to mitigate risk from all types of users who attempt to mask their location.

Device neutral location solutions, offering secure and accurate location verification for all devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and media players. Embedded directly into the user interface to reduce customer friction and eliminate unnecessary and cumbersome hurdles around technology.

Integrating accurate location data into your processes can stop transaction, ticket, and loyalty fraud without the false negatives that could block honest customers. GeoGuard’s solutions can proactively vet your online transactions, reducing the resources needed to chase down the fraud after the fact.

GeoGuard’s location data analysis allows for pinpoint accurate location of a transaction or series of transactions to track and verify the activity at the time of a chargeback claim. Standard chargeback reports for use in defense documentation are automated and available with only a few clicks of a mouse. Detailed and customized reporting is developed on demand.

As requirements for precise geolocation increase, so does the need for accurate and reliable digital maps. GeoGuard have improved upon government maintained map databases to ensure digital maps are as accurate as the location data we gather.


Accurate, authenticated and unaltered location data plays an extremely important role in establishing the true digital identity of a customer, client or merchant. Whether that’s to fight charge-back fraud, onboard better quality merchants or for KYC and AML purposes, integrating location data into your processes can make a dramatic impact to your business.

Today’s media consumers are highly motivated and savvy enough to easily spoof most basic IP checks. Going beyond IP, GeoGuard’s hyper-accurate and fraud-proof technology offer comprehensive multi-platform solutions to protecting media rights. Account sharing and conditional rules ensure purchases and views occur only within permitted borders.

Pinpoint accurate location solutions restrict transaction, ticket, and loyalty fraud without false negative that could block honest customers. Implementing GeoGuard’s proactive vetting of online transactions means reduced resources spent on chasing fraud after the fact.

GeoGuard offers a wide array of location services for consumer goods. Hyper-accurate solutions paired with unmatched fraud protection ensure you know exactly where your consumers are.

GeoComply has quickly become the iGaming industry’s trusted solution for reliable, accurate and precise geolocation services.


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GeoGuard’s studio approved VPN/DNS Proxy detection solution has made the shortlist for the prestigious Content Innovation Awards in the OTT TV Technology of the Year category.


Responsible Business of the Year award by a 65-judge panel comprised of experts from across the industry.

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Highly commended during CSI Award ceremony at IBC Show 2017 in Amsterdam.


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