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Geolocate your career with GeoGuard!

GeoGuard careers

With teams across three countries and a global customer base, GeoGuard works at the cutting edge of technology. Our solutions tackle some of the biggest challenges of the global iGaming, sports, film and TV streaming industry with market-leading anti-piracy, anti-fraud, content security and geolocation verification products.

Be part of our global team that develops award winning solutions for some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies.

Our Core Values

Welcome from the CEO

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Share Ownership Opportunity & Extra Comp

Our collective success as a company is each employee’s success! Employees have the opportunity to own a piece of GeoGuard through our Employee Share Appreciation Rights program, giving you a stake in the ongoing achievements of the business. There is also the potential for additional compensation on a bi-annual basis through our bonus plan, in recognition of our financial success.

Training & Development Opportunities

Not only do we focus on continuously improving how we work, our products and our processes, we also provide the resources to continuously improve ourselves and our team’s performance. Through personalized learning objectives and detailed 30/60/90 day learning plans, opportunities for external education and/or training and providing dedicated work hours for self-study and personal development, we give our employees the time to improve their skills and advance their careers.

Team building

Team Events & Recognition

Cross-team collaboration and effective communication is best achieved when we get to know each other outside of our jobs. GeoGuard hosts monthly team events that encourage team bonding and building strong relationships. It’s also a time for us to get together to celebrate birthdays, recognize important life events and work anniversaries. We also host fun and fancy mid-year and end-of-year celebrations such as summer picnics and our annual holiday party, where there’s the opportunity for family members to meet those you spend all your work hours with!


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