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Location Services to Protect Your Business
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With one in four internet users around the globe using VPNs on a daily basis, and new location spoofing methods cropping up on a daily basis, the need for detecting location fraud is compulsory to ensure proper identification.  Whether for complex regulatory compliance or product marketing needs, GeoGuard’s spoofing detection has over 1600 checks to mitigate risk from all types of users who attempt to mask their location.

250+ Million Devices

500+ Million Transactions

99% Verification Rate

Pinpoint Accuracy

GeoComply were able to cut our payment fraud costs by at least 85%. Their solution gave us access to more detail and data than we had ever had before for our eCommerce transactions. Their anti-fraud reports were literally good enough to take to the bank in order to win our charge back disputes!

Omer Sattar, Senior VP, Sightline Payments

Delivering a geolocation solution which is not just compliant, but also built and optimized with the player experience in mind is a critical success factor for iGaming in North America and GeoComply have always demonstrated to us that they understand that and can deliver on that under tight deadlines and across all platforms.


GeoGuard’s CEO and Executive leadership bring unrivalled experience and expertise to the emerging geofencing industry.

Anna Sainsbury has worked in the interactive regulations space for over 10 years. During this time Anna has worked with legislators and regulators to ensure emerging technologies meet demands of government legislation whilst achieving high usability standards.

In 2011 Anna founded GeoComply, a geofencing company focused on tackling the growing challenge of mass-market location spoofing. GeoComply now focus on the specific geolocation needs of the highly regulated gaming industry and currently maintain 100% market-leader in compliance grade geolocation for the iGaming sector.

In recent years, Anna has established GeoGuard to focus on the location needs of the banking, entertainment and security sectors.

Anna Sainsbury

David Briggs has worked in the interactive media space for over 15 years, including pioneering DiTV eCommerce initiatives with TwoWayTV and Sky in the UK in the early 2000’s and then moving on to market-leading Live Sports streaming initiatives to global audiences.

In 2011 he was part of the founding team behind GeoComply Ltd, a new company focused on tackling the growing challenge of mass-market location spoofing. Five years on GeoComply is now the market-leader in compliance grade geolocation, providing critical services to companies in the entertainment, banking and security sector. With its solutions installed on over 250 million unique devices worldwide and handling up to 5,000 unique location queries a second.

David Briggs