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Device Neutral to Meet Every Need
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GeoGuard’s Solus offers a no-download geolocation solution that works directly within the broadcaster’s website for all devices and user interfaces. For frictionless spoof-proof geolocation within the browser, this HTML5-based geolocation experience can be customized according to the business and compliance needs of the broadcaster, with adaptable end-user prompts and secure collection of location data.

Solus is designed to counter the emerging geo-piracy threats that previous generations of geo-fraud tools are no longer able to protect against within browser-based applications. Our technology is used as a tool for broadcasters to meet and exceed their content licensing requirements when it comes to securely geo-fencing geographic borders, and is used to maintain compliance with territorial content restrictions by providing a more precise, reliable solution than any other geolocation provider.

  • Locate users on any device, app or browser
  • No-download, low-barrier location method with flexible UX and custom alerts
  • Embed into any webpage with a single Javascript file
  • Highly scalable for a wide range of content licensing and territorial geo-fencing
  • Approved by all major Hollywood studios
  • Independently tested and validated by Cartesian and Kingsmead Security
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Segment: OTT Broadcaster


Goal: Deploy new technology to replace IP geolocation. Broadcaster found that IP address based geolocation wasn’t enough to satisfy their needs due to unreliable data from cellular connections and IPv6.


Outcome: Utilizing HTML5 geolocation, the broadcaster was able to offer a frictionless experience to users while managing territory-based distribution. GeoGuard’s Solus provides accurate geolocation to within 50 meters with industry leading confidence and fraud detection.

Segment: Virtual Currency


Goal: A Cryptocurrency Exchange needed to protect themselves from inadvertently providing services in unlicensed jurisdictions and facilitating money laundering.


Outcome: Utilizing GeoGuard’s configurable rules engine, the Cryptocurrency Exchange was able to control user access to their platform based on their true location, while screening for location fraud.