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GeoGuard Database is our most simple to integrate solution, comprised of a locally or cloud hosted database of IPs associated with location spoofing applications. Unlike mainstream IP databases, GeoGuard provides multi-layered fraud protection against VPNs, proxies, peer-to-peer networks, and other types of data manipulation. Our solution is continuously updated as new threats and data centers are identified and mitigation methods are developed.

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Collating a list of IP addresses that can be used by IP spoofing tools is one thing, however the real value in GeoGuard’s database comes down to the unique methodology used to identify which of these IP addresses are being used at any given time – which again means fewer false positives and an enhanced experience for legitimate users. To put it another way, IP addresses are moved into and out of the database rapidly, where other proxy detection services may leave IPs in their database for weeks or months.

Multiple updates per day are essential to combating modern spoofing services, while failing to do so will not only result in ineffective protection but also in higher rates of false positives, which significantly impacts the user experience of genuine customers.

GeoGuard DB is the industry’s only 3rd party tested and “Hollywood Studio Approved” solution, highly recommended by global film studios and worldwide sports rightsholders. GeoGuard works hard to build and maintain strong relationships with these content owners in order to understand their security concerns and ensure that they’re addressed with every new build of our database.

  • IP database + multi-layered fraud detection of VPNs, Proxies, etc.
  • Locally hosted and easy to integrate
  • Cloud hosted option accessible via API
  • Approved by all major studios
  • Independently tested and validated by Cartesian

Segment: OTT Broadcaster


Goal: Protect broadcaster’s OTT service from geo-piracy, to uphold international revenue from its territory-based content sales.


Outcome: The broadcaster was able to continue operations with no impact to its users while complying with its international content distribution contract with the rightsholder. GeoGuard enabled consistent protection for the broadcaster from VPNs and other forms of IP spoofing – including targeted DNS proxy attacks. Furthermore, GeoGuard worked with the broadcaster’s other technology vendors to enhance protection during streaming sessions.

Segment: Online Payments


Goal: Enable an Anti-Fraud vendor to detect when a fraudster may be trying to defeat their risk scoring logic by appearing to be in the same location as the genuine bill payer who has had their credentials stolen.


Outcome: The anti-fraud vendor was able to augment their risk engine and make better decisions by screening the IP address associated with each transaction for IP spoofing.