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With one in four internet users around the globe using VPNs on a daily basis, the need for detecting location fraud is necessary to ensure proper identification of a particular individual. Whether for complex regulatory compliance, digital content distribution contract requirements or product marketing needs, GeoGuard’s spoofing detection has over 1600 checks to detect location spoofing and mitigate risk from all types of users who attempt to mask their location.

GeoGuard Database is our most simple to integrate solution, comprised of a locally or cloud hosted database of IPs associated with location spoofing applications. Unlike mainstream IP databases, GeoGuard provides multi-layered fraud protection against VPNs, proxies, peer-to-peer networks, and other types of data manipulation. Our solution is continuously updated as new threats and data centers are identified and mitigation methods are developed.

GeoGuard’s Solus offers a no-download geolocation solution that works directly within the browser for all devices and user interfaces. For spoof-proof geolocation to within 50 meters, this HTML5-based geolocation experience can be customized according to the security, compliance or business needs of e-commerce, with adaptable end-user prompts and secure collection of location data.

GeoGuard TrueLocation API provides advanced location-based fraud detection, utilizing both a real-time risk engine and a historical risk engine to identify and flag potential fraudulent activity. By analyzing both real-time and historical data, the GeoGuard TrueLocation API can help organizations easily identify and stop a wide variety of fraud including chargeback fraud, account sharing, CNP fraud and account takeovers.

GeoGuard TrueLocation API’s rules are fully customizable, to meet an organization’s unique requirements in terms of the amount of user data submitted, the types of flags generated and the fraudulent activities they are looking to identify and stop.

Didn’t find what are you looking for? Contact us and we will help you to fit our products to your needs and requirements.

Didn’t find what are you looking for? Contact us and we will help you to fit our products to your needs and requirements.