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Stopping Geolocation Fraud and Content Leakage via VPNs and DNS Proxies

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As video streaming services rapidly grow in popularity, it’s becoming increasingly important to protect territorially restricted content from rampant geo-piracy. There’s just too much at stake to dismiss geolocation fraud as merely the cost of doing business.

For OTT broadcasters, this kind of content leakage may result in a breach of their distribution contract with rightsholders, jeopardizing future business. For rightsholders, geo-piracy erodes the value of their content, risking both production budgets and the ongoing economic viability of their operations.

How are geo-pirates getting away with it? Right now, the most common way to access geo-restricted content is to simply spoof their location using a VPN or DNS proxy. Fortunately, this type of widespread geo-piracy is totally preventable. All OTT broadcasters need to do is implement industry-standard location fraud tools to ensure they detect when someone is masking their true location via a VPN or DNS proxy. The most efficient and cost-effective way to do this is with our “Hollywood Studio Approved” solution, GeoGuard Database.

Here’s how it works: When a fan visits the OTT broadcaster website via a VPN, their IP address is checked against a highly accurate and up-to-date database of known IP addresses used by IP anonymizing services – this database is updated several times a day. If the IP address is recognized as belonging to a known data center which hosts VPN connections, an error message is displayed informing the viewer that their location cannot be confirmed and access to the content is denied.

That’s it. With a simple integration, OTT broadcasters can block 99.6% of people using VPNs to circumvent territorial restrictions (as recently confirmed by Kingsmead Security, check out the testing report here). That’s why so many national and OTT broadcasters, sports leagues and streaming video providers already turn to GeoGuard Database either standalone or integrated with world-leading CDNs including Akamai and Amazon AWS.

To learn more about how to stop geo-piracy, contact solutions@geoguard.com or read our whitepaper, Stopping Geolocation Fraud and Content Leakage via VPNs and DNS Proxies