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Press • IBC Launch of GeoGuard Shield Product Suite Removes Geo-Piracy Threat


GeoGuard’s toolkit revealed for the first time at IBC 2017 protects against the growing threat of geo-piracy through VPNs, DNS proxies and other specialist attacks VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Thursday,

Press • Location Piracy: Stand and Deliver


Is location piracy contributing to loss of cultural identity? David Briggs, chairman and co-founder of Canadian digital rights firm GeoGuard, expresses fear that local content is being squeezed by the

Press • Protecting sports rights in a multiscreen and OTT world


A recent BBC study exploring the threat of sports content piracy in the UK showed that a third of fans watch illegal streams of matches. If this level of piracy

GeoBlog • Geo-Circumvention: Protection against geo-piracy


Many internet users who find they have been blocked from accessing content due to their geographical location turn to geo-circumvention. This involves the evasion of geo-blocking services in order to

Press • GeoGuard’s Debut at the IBC, Amsterdam: Understanding and Defeating New Developments in Geo-Piracy


GeoGuard is honoured to announce that it will be joining NexGuard’s Harrie Tholen and Limelight Network’s Steve Miller-Jones at the IBC2017 Conference next month. Amongst the scores of diverse media

GeoBlog • Nielsen Ratings Enter 21st Century


Building on recent efforts to lug TV ratings into the 21st century, on July 25th Nielsen announced that it would include Hulu and YouTube TV in its Digital in TV’

Press • Fight Fraud and Chargebacks with Geolocation Technology


If you operate an intra-state online gaming business – which may touch mobile, online and social platforms – location is EVERYTHING. If you live in New Jersey, you know that

Press • GeoGuard and Skyhook Pioneer Media Piracy Protection for Film Industry


Precise Location Data Enables Studios and Networks to Securely Pre-Release Content Without the Threat of Piracy VANCOUVER, British Columbia, August 16, 2017 – GeoGuard, the geo-location piracy prevention experts and

Press • Location Detection Combats Video Piracy


The Chairman and Co-Founder of GeoGuard, David Briggs, examines how location fraud detection technology is paramount for OTT and streaming providers to help protect their high-valued licensing and content. Video

GeoBlog • Repatriating Content: A Look At Piracy In Expat Communities


As the make-up of the general population changes, the North American media market is becoming increasingly diverse. It’s now essential for broadcasters to offer channels/packages built around cultural content from

GeoBlog • The Bigger The Target, The Smaller The Guilt


Picture the following scenario: you’re in a convenience store and want to buy a Hershey’s chocolate bar. The elderly owner has just gone to the bathroom. It’s unlikely you’ll be

Press • GeoGuard Launches First Effective Geo-Piracy Prevention at IBC2017


Vancouver, BC – Tuesday 18 July 2017 – GeoGuard, today announces that at its IBC debut (IBC , RAI Conference Centre, Amsterdam, 15- 19 September, 2017) it will be demonstrating