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Blog • Global Media: Dealing with EU travel portability and the digital single market


1st April 2018 marks a major change for Rights Holders and OTT broadcasters in the landscape of digital content delivery inside the EU. The new EU Content Portability rules oblige OTT

GeoBlog • Can bookies save the day for US Sports?


As a former (or should that be reformed?) bookie, I considered it an absolute pleasure and privilege to work in Sports. Starting my day with the back pages of the

Press • Geo-piracy and the digital single market: now is the time to act


The TV industry is not reacting fast enough to the growing US$5 billion geo-piracy problem and this is particularly crucial with the imminent digital single market rolling out in the

Press • Toolbox and GeoGuard Collaborate to Remove Geo-Piracy threat from TV Everywhere


Integration of GeoGuard’s geo-piracy prevention solution with Cloud Pass from Toolbox enables content distributors to gain access to higher-quality content VANCOUVER, British Columbia – October 17, 2017 – GeoGuard, the

Press • Fighting the pirates


Illegal downloads and streams are directly impacting the TV business, but how far are they changing the distribution models of tomorrow, and what can be done to stop the flow?

Press • Putting a stop to Kodi piracy


The Kodi problem is well documented in the media right now, from the prosecution of piracy offenders in small towns in England through to the ban of add-ons such as

GeoBlog • Hollywood in LaLaLand about Geo-Piracy and VPN protection for DRM


One thing that always strikes me when I am meeting industry figures in LA, London or New York, is how few of them have any real grasp of how common/easy

Press • Friend MTS Integrates GeoGuard Shield to Add Geo-Piracy Prevention to its Portfolio of Content Protection Solutions


VANCOUVER, British Columbia and BIRMINGHAM, England– September 16, 2017 – GeoGuard, the geo-piracy prevention experts, and Friend MTS, the leading provider of platform protection technologies, today announce that Friend MTS

Press • Sportsfix adopts GeoGuard’s geo-piracy solutions to protect new OTT platform in Asia


Sportsfix has partnered with GeoGuard to secure its new live OTT sports platform from the growing threat of geo-piracy VANCOUVER, British Columbia – September 15, 2017 – GeoGuard, the geo-piracy

Press • IBC Launch of GeoGuard Shield Product Suite Removes Geo-Piracy Threat


GeoGuard’s toolkit revealed for the first time at IBC 2017 protects against the growing threat of geo-piracy through VPNs, DNS proxies and other specialist attacks VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Thursday,

Press • Location Piracy: Stand and Deliver


Is location piracy contributing to loss of cultural identity? David Briggs, chairman and co-founder of Canadian digital rights firm GeoGuard, expresses fear that local content is being squeezed by the

Press • Protecting sports rights in a multiscreen and OTT world


A recent BBC study exploring the threat of sports content piracy in the UK showed that a third of fans watch illegal streams of matches. If this level of piracy