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Fake sub-merchants are using your platform to process illegal transactions; here’s how to stop them


In a previous blog, we discussed how fraudulent sub-merchants take advantage of weaknesses in Merchant Acquirers’, Payment Facilitators’ and ISOs’ onboarding processes to get on the platform and start accepting

BeIN said they’d do it, then they did it – how piracy impacts the value of content.


BeIN’s refusal to pay an exclusivity premium for Seria A broadcast rights due to piracy shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Earlier this year, BeIN Media Group chief executive,

Are you onboarding high-risk sub-merchants? You might be signing up fraudsters too – here’s how to spot the difference


If you’re a Merchant Acquirer, Payment Facilitator or ISO that works with high-risk sub-merchants, or you’re considering doing so, you should be aware that along with legitimate businesses, you could

The experts agree: true location data is essential for sub-merchant onboarding to stop fraud, so why aren’t you using it?


Research regarding digital identity verification by Finextra and PYMNTS.com shows that accurate, authenticated and unaltered geolocation data is essential for Merchant Acquirers, Payment Facilitators and ISOs to use in their

Amazon is flooded with fake sub-merchants, do you know who’s on your platform?


Fake sub-merchant accounts and counterfeit sellers are flooding eCommerce platforms, including giants like Amazon, prompting a fraud alert that all merchant acquirers, payment facilitators and ISOs should take seriously. Fraudsters

GeoGuard’s Elizabeth Cronan is featured on John Byrne’s AML Conversations podcast


GeoGuard’s Elizabeth Cronan is featured on John Byrne’s AML Conversations podcast where she discusses how businesses can strengthen their AML compliance and fraud detection by integrating unaltered and accurate geolocation

GeoGuard’s VP of Government Relations, Elizabeth Cronan, featured on the IBS Intelligence podcast


GeoGuard’s VP of Government Relations, Elizabeth Cronan, was featured on the IBS Intelligence podcast, where she talks about how location data is now part of FATF’s guidelines for digital identity.

Think your digital ads are geo-targeted? You may be in for a surprise


  Digital advertising has a dirty little secret: huge amounts of the money spent by companies for their geo-targeted ads ends up being squandered. Companies like Twitter offer targeted advertising,

GeoGuard’s CEO David Briggs is featured on John Byrne’s AML Conversations Podcast


GeoGuard’s CEO David Briggs is featured on John Byrne’s AML Conversations Podcast, where he discusses the limitations of IP addresses for location and the role that advanced geolocation data can

GeoGuard named to 2020 Ready to Rocket list for ICT


We are really pleased to be included in Rocket Builders’ Ready to Rocket list for 2020. The Ready to Rocket list identifies and recognizes top private companies in British Columbia

GeoGuard’s VPN and Proxy Detection Solution for OTT Platforms Now Available in AWS Marketplace


February 27, 2020, Vancouver, BC – GeoGuard is pleased to announce that GeoGuard DB, its third-party tested and “Hollywood Studio Approved” virtual private network (VPN) and proxy detection solution, is now

NFL DMCA Take-Down Notice Targets VPN Streaming Guides


In our previous blog we detailed that the cost of content piracy is estimated at over $9 billion in lost revenue to rightsholders and OTT broadcasters in 2019. This figure