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Integrating Location Data Into Sub-Merchant Onboarding Processes to Stop Fraud

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Integrating Location Data Into Sub-Merchant Onboarding Processes to Stop Fraud

Reduce Fraud by 90% – Merchant Acquirers, Payment Facilitators and ISOs

If you’re a Merchant Acquirer or Payment Facilitator, you know you’re responsible for customer chargebacks caused by fraudulent sub-merchants. Far from being just “the cost of doing business,” this can often mean the difference to remaining a viable business.

However, did you know integrating just one additional set of data can dramatically reduce the number of fraudulent sub-merchants making into your system? That data set is: accurate, authentic and unaltered location data.

In fact, the regulated iGaming markets have already seen a 90% reduction in fraud after integrating location data into their KYC processes and compliance systems. It’s time for Merchant Acquirers and Payment Facilitators to take notice.

Download this white paper to learn:

– The techniques fraudsters use to hide their location
– The limitations of using an IP address for location verification
– How accurate, authenticated and unaltered location data can be easily captured during the onboarding process to flag – potentially fraudulent sub-merchants
– The types of of sub-merchant fraud that location data can prevent
– How location data can be integrated into a continuous authentication process to protect against account takeovers

This white paper provides essential information that Merchant Acquirers, Payment Facilitators and anyone in the payments processing ecosystem can use to ensure you’re stopping fraud before it can impact your business.

About GeoGuard

At GeoGuard, we focus solely on geolocation-based security, location fraud detection and the protection of digital content. As the independently-rated market leader for VPN and Proxy detection, we help a wide range of industries (streaming video broadcasters, content rightsholders, banks and payment processors, cryptocurrency exchanges, etc.) guard against geo-piracy and location-based fraud. GeoGuard provides a suite of geo-filtering and fraud detection solutions, combined with human intelligence, to stop internet users from spoofing their location.

GeoGuard’s solutions are based on the award-winning geolocation compliance and geo-protection technologies that its parent company GeoComply developed for the highly-regulated and complex digital gaming industry. Our software is installed in over 300 million devices worldwide, putting GeoGuard in a uniquely powerful position to identify and counter both the current and newly emerging geolocation fraud threats.

With GeoGuard, fraud has no place to hide.

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