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Geolocate your career with GeoGuard!

Kharkiv Office

Our Ukraine office uses an open concept to showcase the interdepartmental collaboration of the company. Employees in the Ukraine office are in charge of their own product roadmaps and release plans. We also offer the opportunity to travel to our other offices to complete training and potentially relocate if desired.

Why We Like Working at GeoGuard

“What I like most of GeoGuard is that it allows me to be creative with my solutions in order to best align with our clients’ needs. I appreciate and value the open communication as team collaboration is seen as a priority and encouraged. GeoGuard has really allowed me to branch out and understand the potential I have to add value in the company.”

Alex B.
R&D Solutions Architect

“GeoGuard has really helped me to grow and develop my skills. I enjoy being able to study and use new technologies, as it creates interesting and challenging opportunities. I value and appreciate how all our departments depend on each other for the company’s success. GeoGuard is a progressive company and because of that, we are able to build innovative products utilizing all the cool technologies available to us.”

Elena K.
Product Manager, Back Office/UMS

“GeoGuard provides the opportunity for employees to grow and prosper. Management values and trusts us to take ownership of our products and the development road map. Since working at GeoGuard, I feel like I joined a family that helps me to improve both my technical and personal skills. GeoGuard offers many growth paths and understands the importance of collaboration.”

Vlad S.
Risk Research Lead


International Travel

In Charge of Your Own Product
Roadmap and Release Plan

English Classes


Exposure to
New Technology


Core Values

Build It


We challenge the status quo. We focus on continuous improvement in our day-to-day work, building better products, better processes and better ways of doing our jobs.


We constantly look beyond what’s happening today at what is possible tomorrow. We live outside our comfort zones, choose to challenge ourselves and focus on growth.


We follow industry best practices and do whatever it takes to ensure the highest quality of our work, while dealing honestly and professionally with our customers and reacting quickly to resolve any issues.


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