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Accurate, authenticated and unaltered location data plays an extremely important role in establishing the true digital identity of a customer, client or merchant. Whether that’s to fight charge-back fraud, onboard better quality merchants or for KYC and AML purposes, integrating location data into your processes can make a dramatic impact to your business.

Today’s media consumers are highly motivated and savvy enough to easily spoof most basic IP checks. Going beyond IP, GeoGuard’s hyper-accurate and fraud-proof technology offer comprehensive multi-platform solutions to protecting media rights. Account sharing and conditional rules ensure purchases and views occur only within permitted borders.

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Integrating accurate location data into your processes can stop transaction, ticket, and loyalty fraud without the false negatives that could block honest customers. GeoGuard’s solutions can proactively vet your online transactions, reducing the resources needed to chase down the fraud after the fact.

GeoComply has quickly become the iGaming industry’s trusted solution for reliable, accurate and precise geolocation services.