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Geolocate your career with GeoGuard!

Ho Chi Minh City Office

Our Vietnam office offers a modern-style office space with a western style working environment and is located in the prime area of Ho Chi Minh City. Our company offers the opportunity to travel to our other offices to complete training and potentially to relocate if desired.

Why We Like Working at GeoGuard

“At GeoGuard, I work with incredible team members across all of our different offices. We see each other as one team and we depend on each other to succeed. Our managers and all the employees truly embody the company’s values. What I enjoy most about working at GeoGuard is that there is a balance of working hard and playing hard, especially with our monthly events like lunches, team celebrations, darts tournaments and much more.”

Linh Phan
Reporting Developer Lead

“GeoGuard is a great place to build your career, while being able to enjoy work life balance. GeoGuard has also helped me and my family with the transition to relocate to Vancouver. I am so grateful that they took the effort and time to ensure that my family and I had a comfortable and easy transition – they even helped me arrange daycare for my son.”

Thomas Dinh
Product Manager, Mobile/Solus

“At GeoGuard, I know that I can be the best version of myself with all the support from my colleagues and managers! GeoGuard really lives up to their values of build it better, bigger, and right – which I’m confident will help me reach the peak of my career. Everyone at GeoGuard is always supportive and friendly and most importantly, we care and value each other’s ideas and input. I am very proud to say I work for an amazing global team and that I am able to directly contribute to the success of the business! “

Linh Vuu
Business Data Analyst Lead


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Core Values

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We challenge the status quo. We focus on continuous improvement in our day-to-day work, building better products, better processes and better ways of doing our jobs.


We constantly look beyond what’s happening today at what is possible tomorrow. We live outside our comfort zones, choose to challenge ourselves and focus on growth.


We follow industry best practices and do whatever it takes to ensure the highest quality of our work, while dealing honestly and professionally with our customers and reacting quickly to resolve any issues.


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