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FATF Guidance on Digital Identity – White Paper

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The Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) highly anticipated Guidance on Digital Identity shines a spotlight on the value of accurate, authentic and unaltered geolocation data – beyond a simple IP address – and recognizes geolocation as a key factor in identity verification and effective Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

  • The risks for digital transactions and the important role that geolocation data can play in effective digital ID verification and Customer Due Diligence
  • Multi-factor authentication processes, authenticator technological safeguards and the benefits of continuous authentication
  • How GeoGuard’s solutions can provide accurate and unaltered geolocation data for more effective and true ID verification

Utilizing accurate geolocation data as part of the digital ID authentication process strengthens financial institutions and payment providers’ ability to create a more holistic view of client and patron behavior, which is essential to evaluating risk and potential suspicious activity.

You will also find the link to full FATF Guidance on Digital Identity included in this white paper.

About GeoGuard

At GeoGuard, we focus solely on geolocation-based security and protection, fraud prevention and protection of digital content. As the independently rated market leader for protection against VPNs and Proxies, we help a wide range of industries guard against geo-piracy and ensure geolocation compliance with minimal user friction. GeoGuard provides a suite of geo-filtering solutions combined with human intelligence to stop internet users from spoofing their location.

GeoGuard’s solutions are based on the award-winning geolocation and geo-protection technologies that its parent company GeoComply developed for the highly-regulated and complex digital gaming industry. Our software is installed in over 300 million devices worldwide, putting GeoGuard in a uniquely powerful position to identify and counter both the current and newly emerging geolocation fraud threats.