Combating Geo-Piracy in the OTT Era

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  • The scale, scope and methods of geo-piracy and location fraud across various devices and touch points
  • What industry standards/technologies should be adopted to combat piracy and location fraud
  • How to implement these standards/technologies
  • How VPN and DNS Proxy detection has been integrated at the CDN level on both Akamai and AWS CloudFront, allowing fast and easy implementation
  • With premium video streaming services growing rapidly in popularity, geolocation fraud via VPNs and DNS Proxies will continue to grow if left unchecked.
  • Whether you’re a rightsholder, OTT broadcaster or CDN provider, this white paper provides valuable information on how geolocation fraud is significantly impacting the entire digital content ecosystem and how you can stop it.

About GeoGuard

At GeoGuard, we focus solely on geolocation-based security, location fraud detection and the protection of digital content. As the independently-rated market leader for VPN and Proxy detection, we help a wide range of industries (streaming video broadcasters, content rightsholders, banks and payment processors, cryptocurrency exchanges, etc.) guard against geo-piracy and location-based fraud. GeoGuard provides a suite of geo-filtering and fraud detection solutions, combined with human intelligence, to stop internet users from spoofing their location.

GeoGuard’s solutions are based on the award-winning geolocation compliance and geo-protection technologies that its parent company GeoComply developed for the highly-regulated and complex digital gaming industry. Our software is installed in over 300 million devices worldwide, putting GeoGuard in a uniquely powerful position to identify and counter both the current and newly emerging geolocation fraud threats.

With GeoGuard, fraud has no place to hide.

GeoGuard provides content protection and geolocation fraud solutions to a wide range of partners and customers in the streaming video ecosystem including:

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