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How Multi-Source Location Data Can Secure Big-Ticket Events


Did you know 51% of sports fans watch pirate content at least once a month? And that’s just the armchair pirates during the regular season. What about highly anticipated prize

Geolocation Helps Crypto Exchanges’ Fight Financial Crime


Bad actors often hide behind VPNs and other anonymizers to commit financial crimes online. Discover how geolocation technology helps crypto exchanges detect and prevent illicit activity on their platforms in

Is Content Piracy via VPNs/Proxies a Victimless Crime?


Many viewers think of content piracy as a victimless crime, but it’s certainly not for the people in the industry who lose their jobs every year because of it. According

VPNs: A New “Red Flag” for Crypto Regulators


VPN providers market their products to crypto traders as a way to enhance data security and privacy. But the reality is much different – VPNs are primarily used to spoof

ACFCS Webinar – Know Your CyberCriminal


Bad actors are experts at hiding their identity online, whether that’s using a VPN to mask their location or using stolen credentials to enable their financial crimes. Join our expert

Hide And Seek: Geolocation Helps Uncover Fraudsters’ Identity


Before committing cyber crimes, fraudsters must conceal their true identities. Discover how geolocation data helps FIs win the game of hide-and-seek against bad actors in this PYMNTS interview featuring Elizabeth

Crypto Exchanges: Are Your KYC/AML and Sanctions Programs Compliance-Ready?


From hefty fines to prison time, regulatory penalties are on the rise for cryptocurrency exchanges. Law enforcement levied these penalties largely because the defendants failed to properly verify customer identities

Moving Beyond IP for Location Verification


Moving Beyond IP for Location Verification There’s no doubt about it – we are living in the golden age of streaming. Unfortunately, broadcasters of premium streaming content are not the

Location Detection: Building The Bank Business Case For Better Geolocation Data


Geolocation data is a powerful weapon against fraud, but realizing its full potential will take a bit of education for consumers – and for banks. Discover the steps banks should

ACFCS – Back to the Future of FinCrime


From VPNs to fake location apps, bad actors have an arsenal of tools for hiding their identity online. Advanced geolocation technology pinpoints a user’s true location, a vital risk signal

Forget Space – 2021 Is A Digital Odyssey


2021 will be a digital odyssey and “digital-first” companies will be the winners in the new year, writes GeoGuard CEO David Briggs in PYMNTS’ A Look Forward: What Executives Wish

Geolocation Puts a Pin In Anti-Fraud Solutions


Regulators are stepping up enforcement of KYC, AML and sanctions rules. Discover why financial institutions must act now to mitigate their compliance risk – and how location data can help